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This Website is a project by Sebastian Sondermann, and will be continuously developed. The Gallic Empire, lasting from the revolt of Postumus against Gallienus at Cologne 260 AD to the Campaign of Aurelianus against the Tetrici 274 AD at Châlons-sur-Marne, is one of the most interesting periods in ancient roman imperial history. Only very few inscriptons and texts remained, so coinage studies are a very important source. Some of the most talented engravers worked in the mints of the Gallic Empire. Especially the Aurei are of outstanding quality and style.

The catalog section will, once finished, provide an extensive database for the coinage of the Gallic Emperors, dealing with Gold-, Billon- and Bronze-Emissions as well as Local Imitations (Barbarous Radiates).

I am always interested in Pictures of Rare coins and articles/essays about the Gallic Empire for my studies.
Every providing of Photos, Scans and Articles will be much appreciated!

If you need support identifying your coins, or if you would like to sell your collection (or parts of it), just contact me:

email: mail@sondermann-numismatics.de

New Book about Aurei, Quinarii and Offstrikes is now available

Sebastian Sondermann, Neue Aurei, Quinare und Abschläge der gallischen Kaiser von Postumus bis Tetricus, Bonn 2010.
DIN A5 format, Hardcover, thread stiching.
224 black/white Pages.
Print run: 250 numbered copies.
145 new Specimens are listed in the catalog section (one coin per page), which were not listed in B. Schulte, Die Goldprägung der gallischen Kaiser von Tetricus, Aarau 1983.
There are 40 new obverse dies, 34 new reverse dies, and 66 new die-combinations listed.

The book is available here


13. June 2017: Several articles added

29. January 2009: New pictures added to the catalog, some corrections made.

20. December 2008: Catalog Section updated, new Article "IOVI CONSERVATORI - A new reverse type for Victorinus?" added.

18. December 2008: Catalog Section updated, additional pictures uploaded.

11. December 2008: Catalog Section for the Antoniniani of Tetricus I and II is now online.

10. December 2008: Catalog Section for the Antoniniani of Victorinus is now online.

9. December 2008: Catalog Section for the Antoniniani of Postumus is now online.

7. December 2008: Catalog Sections of Laelianus, Marius and Domitianus II have been completed.

5. December 2008: www.Gallic-Empire.com has been launched.